Friday, August 21, 2009

It's a Case of Perspective-Lapse

I started this blog as a place to write about men and dating.

Someone emailed me the other day to tell me that my blog was "that of a crazy person." I thought, "Thank you for taking the time out of your day to be concerned with my mental health." He wasn't telling me anything I haven't already thought about myself. Come on guys, all of us girls are crazy, we just only let it out on anonymous blogs and to our girlfriends and mothers. Those of us that aren't anonymous about it are on The Real Houseives of Atlanta beating each other up down in Atlantic Station.

But then over the past several weeks news keeps showing up that makes me feel like everyone else is crazy (maybe because I'm not dating right now - I've taken a turn for the sanity?). Whatever it is, here's my advice to those of you out there with a little crazy of your own going on:

Today, the one thing that is standing out to me as a lesson is that I am easily outraged. Is it that or is it that everyone else is being so outrageous? Is my meter off kilter? Is it my problem or everyone else’s because I’m starting to think a lot of you are in a serious state of perspective-lapse.

Allow me to assist you in re-gaining some perspective.

Discliamer: I do not believe you have ALL lost perspective, but obviously a few people in very powerful positions, some of the general population, lawmakers in California, and most everyone at CNN is in some sort of perspective-viewing funhouse mirror.

Yea to my fellow Americans that voted on the CNN poll about whether or not they agreed with the release of the Lockerbie bomber. However, to the 9% of you that said that you agreed with the release (at the time that I checked it last) I ask, is it dark up there where your heads are? No terrorist should have a hero’s welcome. No murderer should step off a plane to flag-waving adoration. What a way for the world to spit in the faces of the families of the survivors. Shame on you! And Libya, shame on you too for not taking great measure to ensure a quiet (undeserved) homecoming. Congratulations, you have reignited a unified hatred for your country by not handling this with more discretion (at least with 91% of Americans that read CNN’s website). And…NO, he doesn’t deserve to die at home with his family. He took that right away from the 270 people he killed. So, 270 horrible deaths alone in a jail cell before he deserves any sympathy.

Disagree with me? Then should criminals with cancer be permitted to get away with murder? You know, as long as they’re sorry and stuff.

Now that I’m being all nice and abrasive, it’s time to insult California. You can’t be abrasive without insulting California. By the way, California is beautiful but based on some of news I read, I’m concerned that living so near a fault line may be screwing with your heads. Not everyone’s head seems to be affected, but perhaps some liberals have softer heads than others. I don’t know. And, don’t get all indignant, I said “some,” not “all.” Wait until you’re sure I’m talking about you before you get all snippy.

California is considering a bill that would release 27,000 inmates early. I thought that there HAS to be some rational explanation for such an absurd idea. Well, there was an explanation…rational is subjective. It seems a panel of three federal judges (ok, so there’s no proof these three are from California) issued an order that California must reduce its prison population by 40,000 inmates by September. Their reasoning is (and this is copied verbatim from the CNN website ) “the crowded prison system violates prisoners’ constitutional rights.”

Excuse me, Your Horror…er…I mean, Your Honor, “What the #*$& about MY constitutional rights?!?!?!” What about the rights of all the soft-headed California liberals that haven’t committed crimes? I may not agree with them but I damned well support their right not to live in a more dangerous community because you’re an idiot. I’m not saying we shouldn’t work on a solution to fix overcrowding but turning them out into the streets isn’t a solution, it’s just lazy. Besides, when these prisoners committed crimes they were convicted for, we didn’t sentence them to the Marriott. We sent them to Prison. As far as I’m concerned, set up tents and cots in the prison yard. Take the money you spend on providing them cable and put it into the “build a bunk” fund. Do we really care if our prisoners miss an episode of The Hills? Do we really want our sexual predators watching America’s Next Top Model? Has ANYONE really thought this through?

Ok, I know the article also says that California is not releasing violent criminals but the recidivism rate in California is 70%. That’s not just for violent criminals. If you make this easier, shorter, more froo-froo comfortable, then how is that discouraging recidivism? And I don’t really care if Mr. Joe Prisoner wasn’t violent when he stole Ms. Beverly Hills’ TV, some criminals aren’t violent because they haven’t had the opportunity to get violent. Break into a house, no one is home, no violence. Break into a house, get surprised by a homeowner coming home, and that’s the turning point. So, there may not be as big of a difference between non-violent and violent criminals as you think. You don’t know who’s violent until they’re cornered.

So, I’m sorry California, I have the constitutional right to be able to go to California and be safe. Releasing 27,000 criminals that haven’t served their time isn’t doing your due diligence. Disagree? How about a little perspective? I bet Libya thinks this is a GREAT idea.

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